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The Business Company transforms local Shrewsbury Charity

Like many businesses, charities have suffered a harsh blow from the Covid-19 crisis which is set to cost the UK charity sector 60,000 jobs with large-scale cuts in service provision unless more support is provided.  This is according to recent research conducted by Pro Bono Economics in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and Charity Finance Group, who surveyed 455 charities.

The survey revealed 19% of these charities have already made redundancies, with 23% planning to make further cutbacks once the government’s furlough scheme ends. That number jumps to 44% among the UK’s largest charities, and nearly one-in-ten (8%) of large charities anticipate reducing their headcount by 25-50%, compared to 4% of medium-size charities and 2% of small.

Matt Whittaker, CEO of Pro Bono Economics, said:

“Charities have been under extraordinary pressure since the start of the pandemic. To date they have responded with typical resilience and invention, but the coming months look set to prove tougher still.

“With the recession biting and unemployment rising, the social sector has never been more needed. But an alarming proportion of jobs in the sector are now at risk. That means many of the charity workers who have provided vital support to millions across the country since the start of the Covid crisis are facing a very uncertain future.”

Navigating this period rests in part on getting more resources into the sector, from government, from existing funders and from members of the public. But it also rests on reversing the public policy neglect the sector has suffered from over many years. That’s particularly true if civil society is to play the pivotal role that it should do in the country’s recovery from the pandemic, helping to fulfil the Prime Minister’s pledge to ‘build back better’.”

The Business Company provide strategic advice and support to several UK charities and works closely with them to review their current operational and financial status, through a facilitated approach. Share Shrewsbury is one such charity, a small local charity, who want to make a difference to the lives of people affected by addiction. Their goals are centred around fighting the stigma around alcohol addiction, public awareness of the latest research in the field, and to give a voice to the friends and family of anyone who is experiencing alcohol dependence.

Inspired by the kindness shown by those in their local community, Share Shrewsbury offers support and advice to those seeking recovery, and their friends and family. They recognise that the road to recovery can be difficult, and so they offer small grants to help solve some practical problems along the way.

Jane Mackenzie, Founder of Share Shrewsbury said:

“The Business Company has transformed our charity through their facilitated review process, which has focussed us on our goals, and given us invaluable guidance on how to achieve them. By structuring our thinking, we have been able to clearly plan the way forward for our charity and build a strong foundation for years to come.

Share Shrewsbury can thank The Business Company for empowering us to take our charity in an exciting and creative direction, whilst staying true to our core values. Without his invaluable help, we would never have reached this point.

The Business Company has challenged our thinking and enabled us to refresh and re- structure our charity in ways we never thought would be possible. Their facilitated review process has enabled us to transform the way our charity works.”

Many UK charities and beyond are already engaging experienced objective advisers to support them during this process to ensure a level of objectivity and structure. The Business Company, has over a decade of experience in this field, and we are keen to support our economy across The Marches/ West Midlands. We are offering a free ½ day initial analysis to support charities and businesses from all sectors who would welcome support.