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Redesigning a business. Creating a new post-Covid model.

What does a business redesign look like? Where are you based? Do you need huge offices if your team is working remotely? What are the capabilities of the returning team? Have you got a new structure, new finance, or new premises?

You’ve completed the detailed R1 REVIEW of your organisation, now you are in the position of taking the findings and re-designing your business. My advice would be to turn the findings into a series of SMART objectives for the next 12 months with clear timelines set for each objective.

Having set the objectives, the next stage is to formulate this into a clear, concise Development Plan with each objective being broken down into sub-tasks. This re-design will vary from organisation to organisation and the findings of the review.  However, broadly this would include the following 10 key areas:

1.            Business development – who/how/where/when?

2.            Marketing/PR - traditional, social media, website, PR

3.            Client relationship management (CRM) - loyalty, requirements, growth

4.            Products/services – where is the demand, focus?

5.            Delivery – linked to revised requirements

6.            Finance – targets, costs down, cash flow, working capital requirements

7.            Business structure – roles/responsibilities, define structure, accountability

8.            Performance management – set clear KPIs

9.            Systems/processes – develop agile MI, best practice, KISS

10.          Communication – internal/external messaging.

Having now produced your 10 Point Development Plan, it is time to look at implementation and delivery.  To create focus, impact, and momentum, my experience has shown that breaking this 12 Month plan into a series of 4 x 90 Day plans has maximum impact.

Delivery of these plans is critical, so the final task at this stage is to put the Project Team together who will be responsible for implementation. Many organisations will engage experienced objective advisers to support the review and redesign process and ensure a level of objectivity and structure leading to return.

The Business Company, has over a decade of experience in this field, and we are keen to support our economy across The Marches/ West Midlands. We are offering a free ½ day initial analysis to support businesses from all sectors who would welcome support.