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The Business Company is committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) which, we believe, is integral to the long-term sustainability of any business.


As well as financial donations and fundraising for good causes (through ‘informed’ giving), we will also actively carry out volunteering, community activities and provide pro-bono work to local, 3rd sector organisations.

We will maintain social awareness, a knowledge of the local social economy and, through our company values, will work to maintain a strong moral compass.


We will maintain safe and welcoming working environments for all our employees and associates. 

We will ensure equal opportunities for all staff, actively encourage diversity and inclusion, and protect staff health and wellbeing.

Our staff will have access to abundant support, learning and development throughout their career with us. 


We will actively work to manage our impact on the environment in a responsible and ethical manner and are committed to being as ‘green’ as possible by applying the “5 R concept”:

  • REFUSE – avoid purchase of environmentally burdensome material whenever possible (i.e. use environmentally friendly chemicals/substances where available - e.g. cleaning fluids)
  • REDUCE – reduce waste material (e.g. energy efficiency through conservation and conscientious use of utilities, printing only when necessary)
  • REUSE – Reuse waste material when possible (e.g. use of recycled paper products -where available)
  • REFORM – Reuse materials in a different form
  • RECYCLE – Reuse materials as resources (e.g. collection of used toner cartridges, shredding wastepaper for recycling etc)

Responsible Trading

We will deal responsibly, openly, honestly and fairly with clients and we are committed to providing a high-quality service and to exceeding expectations.

We aim to develop positive and lasting relationships with our suppliers.  We will champion use of micro-businesses, small and medium-sized suppliers (SMEs) and local suppliers as appropriate, recognising the benefits this provides to the communities in which we operate.

We oppose the exploitation of workers and will not tolerate forced labour, or labour which involves physical, verbal or psychological harassment or intimidation of any kind. 

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