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Business Succession

When the decision by a business owner, Board, Director etc. is taken to look at the future succession of the business, there are an array of issues to be considered.

Dependant on whether this is a full sale, de-merger, Management Buy-Out/In (MBO/I), preparation and planning are critical to a positive outcome.

The Business Company has over a decade of experience and an excellent track record of business sale , demerger, MBO etc. which have maximised value and achieved the best results for our clients.

We have a tried and tested formula that supports an effective, discrete and confidential service. The key stages are:-


Stage 1

Completion of ‘Fact Finder’ questionnaire covering all facets of the business

Stage 2

Review all aspects of the business utilising our Business Evaluation Process (BEP)

Explore options for succession:

  • Individual process dependent on findings
    • Restructure
    • De-merger
    • MBI/MBO

  • Sale - proceed to Development stage


Stage 3

Draft Information Memorandum (IM) incorporating:

  • Business history
  • Structure
  • Operations
  • Competition
  • Finance
  • Potential

Compile and screen a list of appropriate potential purchasers/investors (following detailed research)


Stage 4

Contact prospective purchasers/investors
Administer NDA process
Act as a third party liaison to protect the client’s time and privacy
Solicit and structure initial offers

Stage 5

Negotiate deal terms
Facilitate Due Diligence
Liaison with all parties (inc. lawyer, accountants, bankers etc.) to ensure successful close

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s difficult to define but ordinarily from 6-18 months when the process actually commences.

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Dependent on the size of the organisation - there is cost in preparing the business and getting the marketing plan and materials correct (£10k-£25k) and then a percentage of the sale price.

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Ordinarily businesses in the £1million - £10 million turnover bracket

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Because we offer:

  • A bespoke service
  • Confidentiality
  • Experience
  • Excellent contacts
  • Creativity
  • Structured processes
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